Super Spirals

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Get more spinning and more surprises with this deluxe Quadrilla set. Includes a xylophone rail that plays a tune as marbles run over it, two double-sided spiral twists, plus four special control blocks to randomly distribute marbles.Start by helping children to build one of the layouts pictured on the box. Release marbles at the top of the run and watch them play notes on the xylophone rail, spin through the spiral twists, and fall out of the see-saws. See the adjustor distributor block to choose marble direction. Now use your imagination to build your own fantastic marble runs!


•Marble-run with control blocks and two-sided spiral twists

•Includes 21 distributor blocks, 15 height adjusters, five stabilizer rings, 12 accelerator ramps, five hole-shutters, three big curve rails, two small curve rails, one S-shaped curve rail, one transparent block, one Rotary Tower, two catchers, one xylophone rail, 50 marbles, two double-sided spiral twists, one multi-function block, two red see-saw blocks, one green see-saw block, one blue see-saw block, and one cotton bag

•A tune plays when marbles run over the musical rail.

• Marbles travel inwards on the concave side of the two-sided spiral twists and outwards on the convex side

•The knob and button on the distributor block can be used to change marble direction. Choose from horizontal and vertical options

•The different colored see-saws send marbles in different directions: red sends them randomly left or right; green collects 3-4 marbles before tipping them to one side; and blue down or sideways.

•Endless possibilities for reconfiguring the layout. See enclosed guidebook

•German-engineered design inspired by Da Vinci Circles

•Helps to develop spatial thinking and an understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) principles

•Praised by The Wall Street Journal as the perfect toy for teaching children how to code

•Compatible with all Hape Quadrilla sets

•For ages 4-99Y


129 pcs: 21 Distributor blocks, 15 Height adjusters, 7 Stabilizer rings, 12 Accelerator ramps, 5 Hole shutters, 3 Big curve rails, 2 Small curve rails, 1 S-shaped curve rail, 1 Transparent block, 1 Rotary Tower, 2Catchers, 1 Xylophone rail, 50 Marbles, 2 Double-sided spiral twists, 1 multi-function block, 2 Red see-saw blocks, 1 Green see-saw block, 1 Blue see-saw block,1 Cotton bag

Super Spirals