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Reversible Train Storage Table


This child-sized storage table has a reversible playing surface, with a bustling city scene on one side and a country scene on the other, allowing for all kinds of creative fun! 


(Train set and tracks not included)

1. Arrange your favorite railway toys on the playing surface.

2. First drive them through the bustling city, then flip the table pieces and chug through the countryside!

3. Try using the table pieces as a puzzle. Can you get the pictures to line up?

4. When playtime is over, pack everything away inside the storage unit.

(Train set and tracks not included)


• Child-sized railway play table with built-in toy storage unit

• The reversible table top provides countryside and city-themed play surfaces.

• The table top is divided into three sections and can be used as a puzzle.

• Railway tracks (not included) can be placed on both the play and storage levels, and the internal support provides arches to drive through.

• Use ascending track and bridges (not included) to connect the upper and lower levels.

Reversible Train Storage Table

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