My Friend Robot Book

My Friend Robot Book


Join a diverse group of budding minds and their friend Robot as they work together to build a tree house! Designed to ignite interest in STEM - the integration of science, technology, engineering and math - this fact-packed singalong introduces kids to:
- Simple machines like wedges, wagons, screws, and hammers
- Social-emotional concepts like empathy and teamwork, taking initiative, following steps, and the joy of creativity
- The basics of robotics and programming with 6 pages of notes - including a programming game!

For even more fun, sing and dance along with the animated singalong video on the included CD! Norma Jean Wright's powerful vocals make this revamp of "London Bridge is Falling Down" a dynamic delight.

"STEM content on simple machines and robotics meets play and compassion. . . a friend to STEM elementary educators" --Kirkus Reviews

Ages 3 to 7 years

Written By: Sunny Scribens

Illustrated By: Hui Skipp

Sung By: Norma Jean Wright

© 2020 by Storybook Village

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