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Mining Loader Set

Use the magnetic crane to keep this mining railway set running smoothly! Pick up loads of ore from the back of the truck. Then drop them into the loader and onto the waiting train.


1. Start by building the track configuration shown on the box.

2. Use the magnetic hoist on the crane to transfer coal from the mining truck into the loader. When a train is in position underneath, press the red button to release the coal.

3. Change the train signal to green and drive along the track and under the tunnel as you deliver the coal.


• Realistic mining-loader railway set

• Includes crane with magnetic hoist for moving cargo

• Load the train using the button-operated loader

• Vehicles include a three-car mining train and a mining truck with two trailers

• Adjustable rail signal has ‘stop’ and ‘go’ settings

• Includes tunnel, piers, realistic track joints, trees and safety sign

• Comes with two safety signs


64 pcs

Mining Loader Set

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