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Grand City Station

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Visit the world’s most exciting destinations with this bustling two-level station! It has a projector that displays images of big global cities when five special tickets are inserted, plus a recorder for station announcements.


1. Assemble the station using the enclosed instructions.

2. Insert the five tickets into the projector under the clock to display images of Paris, London, New York, Berlin and Beijing on the station floor. The central buttons on the main arch can be used to record and play station announcements.

3. Create play scenarios based on a day in the life of the station. Have your passenger arrive by taxi, buy a ticket and a snack and then catch her train. Or drive the train to the workshop for repairs.


• Realistic railway station with projector

• Comes with five tickets embedded with scenes from Paris, London, New York, Berlin and Beijing. When each ticket is inserted beneath the station clock, images of the different cities are projected on the floor.

• Use the play-and-record buttons on top of the roof to create your own station announcements

• Features two play levels connected by lifts for people and carriages. Light in the roof of the upper level can be switched on and off.

• Vehicles include a three-carriage high-speed train, a taxi and a bus. The engine and carriages open up to seat play figures and luggage.

• Play figures include a conductor with a safety sign; a mechanic with a wrench; and a tourist with handbag. Also included are trees and street signs.

• Includes tracks that can be arranged in a variety of different configurations

• Great for teaching children about railways and city life


48 pcs

Grand City Station

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