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City Fire Station

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Clang clang clang! The alarm in the fire station is ringing and flashing – there’s a fire to put out! Slide the fire fighter down the pole to his big red truck to save the day.


1. Create your own fun play scenarios. Ring the alarm bell and send the fire fighter out to fight the flames.

2. Explore the different features like the helicopter landing pad, fire fighter’s pole, and automatic doors.


• Multi-level fire station and fire engine

• Includes fire fighter and rescue dog play figures

• Fire pole design makes the fire fighter spin around as he descends

• Accessories include axe, fire extinguisher, helicopter, flame ,fire hydrant with hose, radar dish, flag and control board

• Includes push-button fire bell and light. 2 AAA batteries required and not included

• String mechanism puts the truck in motion and opens the garage door

• Helps children to learn about fire safety


13 pcs

City Fire Station

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