Rainbow Puzzle Railway

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Make playtime learning time with this colorful railway set. Solve the bead maze and shape sorter as you drive the animal train around. Includes Xylophone and Tambourine musical tracks.


1. Start by building the track configuration shown on the box.

2. Explore the track solving the puzzles and making music as you go. Put the triangle, rectangle and semi-circle in the Shape Sorter Track so the train can pass. Then solve the bead maze.

3. Listen to the beautiful melody as you drive over the Xylophone Melody Track and happy ringing of the Tambourine Track. The six building blocks have fun optical features including a mirror, prism and magnifier.


• Puzzle railway with Rainbow Tracks

• Shape Sorter Track and Bead Maze Track stimulate learning and problem solving

• Includes Xylophone Track that plays a tune as a train drives over

• Tambourine Track jingles as trains pass by

• Includes jungle-themed train with tiger, lion and elephant carriages

• Optical Blocks includes mirror, prism and magnifier features


30 pcs



Rainbow Puzzle Railway