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Pop-Up Shop

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Beep, beep, beep! This realistic Pop-up Shop includes a handheld scanner that beeps and flashes when you press the button on its back. Use the calculator to total your customers’ purchases, then listen for the reassuring beep as they swipe their cards.


1. Set up the register as shown on the box.

2. Load the shelves with goods including Hape Kitchen and Food sets. (Sold separately)

3. "Scan" each of your customers’ items using the handheld scanner. Press the button on the back to make the scanner beep. Use the calculator to tally the bill. As each customer swipes their card in the reader, you’ll hear a reassuring beep.


• Realistic Pop-up Shop with check-out devices

• Includes shelves, a register, a grocery scanner, a point-of-sale card reader, a swing-out display shelf, and a debit card

• Press the button on the handheld scanner to make it beep as you "read" each item

• The point-of-sale reader beeps as it "reads" the debit card

• The working calculator can be used for sums and to calculate purchases

• Add grocery items from Hape Kitchen and Food sets for enhanced play (Sold separately)

• Great for teaching children about shopping and money

Pop-Up Shop

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