Pallina Original

Can you pull out a stick without any of the wooden balls falling down? This fun game can be played in three different ways to suit all skill levels. Made of sustainable bamboo.


1. Insert the sticks and then place the wooden balls on top.

2. Each player rolls the dice and is assigned a different stick color. Can you pull out your sticks without the balls falling?

3. Follow the enclosed Rules of Play.


• Basket, stick and wooden-ball skill game for individual or group play

• Can be played in different ways for different skill levels

• Includes a basket, a dice, a playmat, 16 wooden balls, 20 sticks and Rules of Play

• Made of sustainable bamboo


39 pcs: 20 Sticks, 16 Balls, 1 Basket, 1 Mat, 1 Dice

Pallina Original