Light-Up Circus Activity Cube

This crazy circus-themed activity cube is great fun for little ones. Turn the rotating discs to see the lights and projected spotlight change color. Then have endless fun trying to get the beads through the wire maze with the flying trapeze artist!


Perfect for rainy days! This brilliant activity cube has loads of fun things to do! Features a color-changing projector light, flying trapeze artist, bead mazes and more!


• Multi-play, circus-themed activity cube

• Features wire bead mazes, color-changing projector light, flying trapeze artist, funny-face clown and more!

• Features a light which changes color every few seconds and projects shapes down in a spotlight.    Watch the juggling acrobat perform when the rotating discs are turned!

• Features a funny-face clown who's eyes and nose spin when turned!

• Great for encouraging shape and color recognition

• Perfect for developing hand-eye coordination

Light-Up Circus Activity Cube