Leo's Cooker

Artist - Christophe Gilet


Léo’s cooker is a wooden cooker on legs that children can use to cook just like a grown-up. This cooker is fully fitted with a kitchen sink and tap, oven, and two hotplates: children can cook just like a chef by using the two utensils provided to whip up all sorts of tasty morsels. Integrated clock for keeping an eye on cooking times. Don't forget to season food before serving: salt and pepper shakers are kept on a small shelf. A colourful and comprehensive role-play game. 


• Magnetic utensils so children can keep them nice and tidy like a real chef.  

• Magnetic oven door. 

• A role-play game so little ones can have fun being grown-ups!

• The perfect gift for budding chefs. 

Leo's Cooker