Jungle Adventure Railway Table

Explore the jungle and its animals with this child-sized play table. Drive the train through the arches and make the birds "fly". But watch out for the silly monkeys trying to block the way!


1. Set up the play table as shown on the box.

2. Take your Jungle Train on a wild adventure through the mountain tunnels and over the lakes. Slide the monkeys back and forth to stop the train and then let it pass again.

3. Explore the features above the track. The bead maze has colorful ladybird and butterfly blocks. Spin the spheres to make the birds "fly".


• Jungle-themed rail play table with multiple features

• Play surface features a colorful African scene with lakes and wildlife

• Jungle-themed train has tiger, lion and elephant carriages

• Two monkey gates can be slid onto the tracks to stop the train

• Includes two mountain tunnels with spinning birds

• The elaborate bead maze features insect-themed blocks, adding to the color

Jungle Adventure Railway Table