Furry Friend Vet Set

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This fun, space-saving, easy-to-carry veterinary surgery comes with a dog house, a cat house and all the accessories you need to look after your pets and keep them feeling looking good!


Let your cat and dog have a rest in their own little houses then give them a full check-up and grooming with all of the included accessories!


• Space-saving, easy-to-carry vet surgery with accessories

• The roof of the house doubles as a carry handle

• The upstairs is a fully-furnished bedroom so your doll can stay overnight to look after the animals

• The wall and floor slide outwards and open to create a garden and an outdoor grooming area

• Includes 1 doll, 1 dog with dog house, 1 cat with cat house, bowls for food and water, veterinary and grooming equipment, 3 X-ray cards

• Check your pets` X-rays and take care of them with the medical equipment

• Groom your pets with the grooming tools

• Great for encouraging social, family play and communication skills


30 pcs

Furry Friend Vet Set