Fast Food Set

Get ready for a treat. Tonight, we’re eating in a fast food restaurant! This American-style dinner kit includes a menu plus a realistic burger, hotdog, French fries and cola.


1. Put together the different pieces of the hot dog, burger and French fries.

2. Pretend you work in a fast food restaurant and serve the meal to a friend.

3. Try making the different burgers and hot dogs on the menu. Do you want your burger with or without pineapple?


• Playset with various fast foods

• Includes hamburger and hot dog with a range of ingredients including tomato, pineapple, lettuce, cheese and onions. Also includes French fries, cola, ketchup, menu and paper containers.

• Burger and hot dog can be made in a variety of different ways. The menu provides ideas for what ingredients to include

• Great for teaching kids about eating out


27 pcs

Fast Food Set