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Emergency Services HQ

Watch Video Here

Watch Video Here


Keep the roads and railways safe with this emergency services set. Features police and fire brigade 2-in-1 headquarters and vehicles. Assemble the set as shown on the box. Send the police and fire brigade vehicles out to respond to emergencies.


• Realistic emergency HQ with road and rail tracks

• Includes one station building, one opening bridge, one pylon bridge, a fire engine, a police car, three figurines (police officer, fire fighter and criminal), a two-carriage freight train, 14 road tracks, and 10 wooden rail tracks

• The fire engine has a hydrant, a movable ladder, a moveable hatch and a realistic siren

• The police car has a cage that opens, a moveable hatch and a realistic siren

• The HQ has a jailhouse and a garage for servicing the vehicles. The jailhouse door opens to put the baddy behind bars.

• The HQ roof has a working siren and flashing light.

• Compatible with Hape and other leading wooden railways

• Road tracks made from Green PE, an eco-friendly material made from biomass

• High degree of detail and realism

• Great storytelling opportunities around emergency, rescue and safety


55 pcs

Emergency Services HQ

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