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Have a group you'd like to bring in for a magical experience?  Just let us know!

Bring in a group of little ones to experience a magical time at Storybook Village, or bring in your friends and colleagues for a unique meeting venue.  Just fill in the form and we'll give you an email or a call to finalize a date for a very special time!


Perfect for:

  • Daycare groups

  • Preschool groups

  • Birthday parties

  • Field trips

  • ...any group looking for something fun and exciting...

  • Even for adults!

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Looking for a gift as unique as your child?  Can't make it into the store?  Put Barbara Sim's nationally recognized child development skills to work and let her select the perfect educational gift, book, puzzle or package for your child.  Call her at 231-869-3120, tell her your child's age and interests and she'll give you individualized suggestions within your price point!